2018 Drowning: Red Tides, Ice Melt, and Opheliads

Drowning consists of small series of work, abstract visions of an environment shifting and changing faster than we comprehend.
The pieces are stoneware or porcelain. All are vessels, so angular and flattened that they carry no burden of any function but visual and tactile pleasure. They are layered with slips, underglazes, scribbled marks of ceramic pencils, tissue transfers and decals. Poems and quotes may be faintly seen on their surfaces.
ref. http://www.waverlystreetgallery.com for dates and times when the work may be viewed.








Red Tides refer to the toxic bloom of algae (for example, the beautiful dinoflagellate known as karenia brevis) infesting shores and beaches with deadly results

KanikaSircar_IceMelt1A Ice Melt pieces are layered images of boiling seas under swiftly melting glaciers.

pheliads evoke waterways choked with weeds and poisons, a false glint of gold lying deep under, tempting a plunge within.

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