2013 Text/Message: Selected Images

TEXT/MESSAGE: Ceramic Vessels, Books and Wall Pieces

Group of Envelope Bottles

Group of Envelope Bottles


Tile Books




Wall Pieces

An 11th century Indian poet named Bilhana, jailed for a clandestine love affair, wrote 50 verses detailing his love while awaiting execution; for example:
अद्यापि तां कनकचम्पकदाम गौरीं Even now, I miss
फुल्लारविन्दवदनां तनुरोमराजीम् Her lotus face amid the golden garlands,
सुप्त उत्थितां मदनविह्वललालसाṅगीं The line of down, delicate at her waist,
विद्यां प्रमादगुṇइताम् इव चिन्तयामि Her awakening body, eager for love. Magic I lost in recklessness.

Wish You Were Here, Postcards to J. H. Breasted

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