After March 2011, my reaction to the nuclear catastrophes that occurred in Japan was to make a series of Radiation Jars, glowing red, kimono shaped, and printed with an intensely sad Basho haiku:
Alas for mortality—
Underneath the helmet,
A grasshopper.
The horror of those events led me to also produce numbers of Fukushima Memorials, monolithic grey and red bottles, stopped with scrolls made from my torn silkscreens on rag paper, printed on the reverse with news reports from Fukushima

sircar-radiation-jars Radiation Jars

fukushima Fukushima Memorials

radiation-jar-e radiation-jar-c radiation-jar-d

radiation-jar-b radiation-jar-a Radiation Jars

bottles-in-the-smoke Bottles in the Smoke

fukushima-bottles Fukushima Memorials

fukushima-memorials fukushima-memorials-details-ii Fukushima Memorials

sircar-k-setting-sun-view-1-jpeg sircar-k-setting-sun-view-2-jpeg Setting Sun